Because everyone needs a wingman

It's a newsletter. With funny stuff. You'll like. Trust.

What Is This?

Look, the world is a challenging, confusing, often frustrating place. We're inundated with news and to-do's and social and email and ... just a lot of stuff. WingmanDaily is a light-hearted daily email, with 3 quick, fun things to explore. Some videos, some articles, some potpourri. It's the one email a day we hope you actually look forward to getting, just to help take a break from it all. It's fun, and we hope you like it. Check out our Archives to get a sense of the content, or heck, just sign right up and enjoy. What could possibly go wrong?


Welcome to the early view of WingmanDaily, a new site/daily email with the coolest things we’re digging up online. Why are we doing this, you might ask?

1) We’ve been talking about creating a fun daily email project for literally 5 years
2) We both go by JT, so that’s like a sign or something
3) You deserve a few moments of levity, of amazement or a moment of respite from your day 
4) Because everybody, especially at times like these, could use a good wingman 


Our weekly podcast features a "Thing We 😍", a related Top 5 List, and other pitter patter about the various goings on of the week. Give it a try, you might get a little informed, you might chuckle, and you most definitely will not throw up in your mouth, not even a little bit.